Use Cases

CRM Data Dedupe & Normalization

Deduplication is a process which identifies and removes duplicate data in a system. Systems such as CRM are prone to generation of large amount of duplicate data. The duplicate data can reside in a system as different representations, spelling mistakes or part representations etc. Each entity in question will have a syntactic and semantic definition which needs to be applied in order to identify duplicates. For e.g. ABC International Inc. and ABC, Vice President and VP might be same.

Normalization is a process of transforming data in to standard and consistent representation. Each entity may be formed by various parts defining a syntactic structure. Also each part will have its own variations. BizNLP has ontologies which identify all possible syntactic structures and variations and can be used for standardizing the data.

Following entities can be processed: Try Our Demo
US Addresses Companies Designations

Semantic Comprehension of Resume

Resume management is an involved process if especially we are managing it from its content perspective. BizNLP can be used to quickly glance over a resume, extract information, normalize and correlate to the job requirement.

Following entities can be processed:
Companies Designations Skills Technologies Locations Tenures Business Domain

Alerts on key financial events in Companies

The key financial events happening in a company are of a great significance to different stakeholders. The Investors in the stock market will be interested in acquisition news and any news around expansion and growth of a company. The sales individuals may want to know about the recent funding event with their prospect. The loan departments of a bank may want to keep them aware of the key financial movements. BizNLP can be leveraged to get alerts on the following key financial events in companies of the company.

Acquisition Funding Growth Expansion

Semantic Comprehension of Jobs

Staffing and recruitment companies face tough problem managing millions of jobs posted across different job portals. BizNLP can be leveraged to extract information, normalize, filter out and cluster the jobs based out on following information:

Job Description Skills Business Domain Date Technologies Designation Reporting Authority

Unlock Actionable and Intelligent Insights Of Your Targeted BFSI Companies

Our BFSIKonnect tool, integrated with the powerful BizNLP engine, empowers you to extract and comprehend valuable business insights from unstructured textual content related to large BFSI companies. Additionally, leverage a complete Business Knowledge Graph of over 20 Mn companies, including those in the BFSI sector, to enhance prospect intelligence for sales and marketing teams.

How it Works:

  • Cutting-edge Ontologies and Natural Language Processing algorithms analyze vast amounts of English text, including news, reports, and press releases, to identify key financial events like acquisitions, expansions, and growth initiatives within BFSI companies.
  • Receive alerts on these critical events and make informed decisions and seize potential conversion opportunities
  • Deduplication ensures that duplicate data, arising from various representations or spelling variations of the same entity, is efficiently identified and eliminated, guaranteeing precise and concise information.
  • Embrace advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to access relevant insights, further enriched by the comprehensive Business Knowledge Graphs of BFSI companies that encompass details about key people, customers, investors, technologies, and business solutions.
  • Business Knowledge Graph to reduce risks associated with incomplete or inconsistent data.

Amplify Sales Prospecting in BFSI

Sales and marketing professionals in the BFSI industry can now leverage our BFSIKonnect tool, fueled by BizNLP's prowess, to extract and standardize financial data from unstructured text content in English. You can also get a comprehensive understanding of targeted BFSI company's business context by tapping into BizKonnect's vast repository of Business Knowledge Graphs

How it Works:

  • Advanced ontologies identify various syntactic structures and variations related to financial events within BFSI companies.
  • Sales representatives receive timely alerts on funding events, acquisitions, and other significant financial movements of their potential clients, empowering them to tailor their sales strategies accordingly.
  • Data normalization ensures that information provided to sales teams is presented in a standardized and consistent format, facilitating easy comparison and analysis.
  • Equip sales teams with actionable insights into prospects' financial activities
  • Customize sales approaches based on the latest financial movements of potential clients, showcasing a deep understanding of their business needs, further enhanced by the rich insights derived from the Business Knowledge Graphs. This includes details about key people, customers, investors, technologies, and business solutions of the BFSI companies.